At Port Hills Electrical, we specialize in electrical installations for custom residential builds and full renovations. We gravitate towards these areas of the electrical industry because we feel they are the most creatively rewarding projects to be a part of. By starting with a blank canvas, it allows the most efficient way to design a well thought out and integrated home. If you're a homeowner, builder or architect, please reach out, we love collaboration. 

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What We Do

We love design. We believe in the importance of creating environments where electrical fittings and appliances blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Many sparkies overlook small simple things, we understand the importance of those tiny details that all contribute to the greater whole. Aesthetics, proportions, functionality, it all matters greatly and deserves to be discussed no matter how little it may seem.  All these aspects contribute to a home that not only functions exactly as it should and looks great, it also becomes fun and we guarantee you will look forward to coming home every day.


Who We Are

The Company

Based in Sumner, we are a small knit team of skilled electricians and professionals that provide exceptional electrical knowledge and great personal service. We pride ourselves on the creation of innovative and functional electrical installations that work flawlessly, look great, meet budgets and bring enjoyment to clients lives through technology and integration.

We strive to build trust with our clients as we understand that trust is what more often than not brings a client back to us as a repeat customer and is something to be cherished. We look out for our clients, their family and the integrity of the service we offer.

The People

The company is owned by the husband and wife team, Sam & Taylor Prutton. Sam runs day to day operations, Taylor takes care of administration and the finer points about business.

With experience in all areas of the electrical industry, Sam started in the industrial machinery sector. This gave him insight into the bounds of what is physically possible with a well designed electrical & controls system, it has also taken him round the world and given experiences with many different electrical infrastructures. Sam still takes on jobs in the industrial industry from time to time but in recent years the pull towards his love for home design, construction and joinery has taken hold, combined with his affection for the local Port Hills/Banks Peninsula area, hence why he started Port Hills Electrical. 


While not only being a qualified electrician, Sam holds further study qualifications in audio engineering and industrial automation. He has a knack for understanding why things are built and adjusting his own work to improve the whole. He understands that education is a lifelong journey and it shows in his work ethic and commitment to a quality product and service.